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About Us
Pastors Don and Chris have been married for 47 years, born again and spirit-filled for 39 years and in various offices of ministry for over 25 years.  They both felt the call into ministry as teens. Through the years they have served as counselors, teachers, teen pastors, associate pastors and worship leaders before starting Latter Rain Fellowship in 2000.

Our purpose
Our desire is to teach and preach the saving power of Jesus Christ!  To know Him is to love Him.  Freedom comes from having a working knowledge of His Word.  We want to teach people the uncompromised Word of God in an easy-to-understand way, so that they can apply it to their lives and bring positive change.  We want them to be able to live above the circumstances of life and operate in the principals of God's Kingdom here on earth.  We want to see people so strong in their faith that they begin to prosper in every area of their lives.

We want to show people a loving, caring and faithful God, Who wants a better life for them; to let them know that He is GOOD God and is for them and not against them.

We serve a God of power and might and we want people to see just how mighty He is!  We believe, teach, preach the Word and therefore will see the miraculous power of God to heal, deliver, and restore!  (Mark 16:20)

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Pastor Don Prouty
Pastor Chris Prouty